About me

Romina Casutt.

Romina Casutt.

I am a designer. Everything related to design gives me a lot of joy. Especially when I realize that I can make my customers happy. Designing, layouting and visualizing graphic projects is my great passion. I love to see how the results make other people’s eyes shine and also to help individuals, companies, associations as well as startups to bring their visions into form so that they can make their dreams come true.

I am from Falera – a small, tourisic farming village in the Swiss Grisons mountains. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After my studies I have gained professional experience and semi-skilled in various areas:

Project management and customer consulting_
Business and personnel services_
Visual and digital communication_
Document translation_
Gastronomy and tourism_

In all these activities, my eye for graphic design and feeling for detail have always found good harmony and balance.

Since 2013, I have spent most of my time in South Africa and Tanzania. Therefore, I can say that Africa has become my home, too. It gives me so much energy and warmth and I can just be who I am. This also makes my creativity blossom even more, because I love the freedom and independence.

Romina Casutt - Porträt von Design RöööM. Romina Casutt sitzt auf einem Stuhl und lächelt

Where love is, the soul comes to life.

Already as a child, designing, layouting and visualizing was one of my favourite activities. I was always rearranging my room. The titles of my worksheets in school were always praised for being extravagant and visually striking and appealing. From simple knotted cords and painted stones to knitted stuffed animals and crocheted headbands and hats, I produced everything with a lot of love and then I gave it away or sold it on the street. When it was boring, I was not watching TV, but was listening to music, singing and painting.

Through my life experience and professional skills, I love to work with other people to make the impossible possible. With my positive attitude and open manner, I love to make my clients happy and support them, be it with designing, layouting or visualizing.


Let's start and realize your desired design.

Do you have a vision and don’t know how to put it on paper?

I can help you by supporting you in finding ideas, creating the design and graphic implementation.
Discussing and exchanging ideas produces wonderful, satisfying and professional results.

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